Soil Biology

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Optimize Turf Growth

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Beneficial Soil Organisms

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Professional Turf

Polyorganic Technologies custom formulates professional turf products based on turf specific needs. Each organism, plant nutrient and microbial synergist is carefully selected based on its ability to optimize turf growth and increase stress tolerance. Our formulas are specifically designed to correct the soil deficiencies associated with poor turf grass establishment. Successful turf management begins and ends with soil biology. In order for turf to grow to its full genetic potential in the face of environmental extremes the soil profile supporting the turf stand must contain a diverse population of beneficial soil microorganisms.


  • Broad Spectrum Microbial Inoculants
  • Microbial Based Seed Treatments
  • Broad Spectrum Microbial Inoculants
  • Phosphate Solubilizing & Mineralizing Consortia
  • Nitrogen Fixing Consortia
  • Liquid Biologically Enhanced Fertilizers
  • Water Soluble Biologically Enhanced Fertilizers
  • Granular Biologically Enhanced Fertilizers
  • Biologically Enhanced Bio-Stimulants
  • Multifunctional Bio-Stimulants
  • Saline Soil & Sodic Soil Remediation Treatments
  • Soil Structure Remediation Treatments