Management Team



Dr. Charles Bruno is a fermentation specialist with over (40) forty years of experience in microbiology, fermentation, and biotechnology. Dr. Bruno was CEO of Cell Products, Director of Fermentation for Squibb Pharmaceuticals and President of Quantum Consulting.


  • Four decades of Biotech Industry Achievements including Research and Product Development, Engineering, Facilities Design and Production
  • Direct operation of several manufacturing facilities
  • Managerial direction of a 350-employee operation
  • Development & Scale-up of new biological products
  • Research & development of new biological products
  • Validation, start-up and commissioning of large Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological facilities
  • Expertise in production and purification of antibiotics, enzymes and other proteins biosynthesized by bacteria and mammalian cells
  • Review and modify production facilities ( Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology)
  • Bachelor of Science Chemistry, Minor Biology, Roanoke College, Roanoke Virginia
  • Master of Science Biochemistry, Minor Bacteriology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Doctor of Philosophy Biochemistry, Minor Bacteriology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Fermentation Technology, MIT, Boston, MA



    Robert Knaub Jr. is an agronomy & soil management specialist with (30) thirty years experience in product development, marketing & commercialization of biological products. In his previous life Robert was owner - operator of Knightsbridge Landscape, Garden Center Manager of Martin Viette Nursery and Vice President of Organica Biotech, Inc.


    • Developed, marketed and successfully commercialized biological products for both retail and professional market sectors
    • Developed and successfully commercialized end user programs for agricultural, professional turf, water gardening and horticultural markets
    • Developed and successfully implemented B2B (Private Label) business model encompassing consumer, agricultural and industrial market sectors
    • Developed B2B training manuals to facilitate knowledge transfer (Technology>>Marketing Plan>>Sales Process)
    • Developed Regulatory Affairs Policies for fertilizer, soil conditioner & control product registrations with EPA and State Agencies
    • Developed research & development modalities based on market demands
    • Developed cost feasibility modalities to ensure salability and profitability of emerging technologies
    • Specializes in product development, cost analysis, financial forecasts and pricing models
    • Bachelor of Science Biology, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY


      Vice President

      Jay Bruno excelled the last three decades in the Pharmaceutical, Environmental and Biotech industries. Developing state of the art operational, production and health & safety systems. Jay was Director of Operations for Cell Products , Director of Operations for Organica Biotech and Vice President of Quantum Consulting.


      • Developed operational systems and safety management systems for biotechnology industry
      • Developed and implemented bio-remediation systems (in-situ, ex-situ)
      • 40 Hour Hazwoper CFR 29 1910-120
      • 8 Hour Supervisor Hazardous Waste Cleanup
      • OSHA 7505 Accident Investigation
      • OSHA Designing Effective Safety and Health Management Systems
      • OSHA 2264 Permit, Confined Space Entry
      • OSHA 2225 Respiratory Protection
      • OSHA 7115 Lock Out / Tag Out
      • USDOT 49 CFR Subpart H
      • LEED For Existing Buildings
      • Train the Trainer All Lifts
      • Studied Biology / Chemistry at Old Dominion/Seton Hall
      • Studied Production Systems’/Health & Safety/NJIT/UMDNJ