Business Model

Polyorganic Technologies is a research & development company dedicated to the commercialization of “Green Technologies”. Our field of expertise lies in the development of “microbial based technologies to solve everyday problems”. The company has spent considerable resources developing cutting edge methodologies and processes to facilitate the commercialization of cost effective natural solutions.
Polyorganic Technologies private labels its formulations utilizing “Strategic Partners” to drive key technologies in a variety of market sectors. Our goal is to develop long term business relationships with “Strategic Partners” and allow market demands within their respective sectors to drive the research, development and commercialization process.
Our “Strategic Partner Initiative” permits both companies to play to their respective strengths! The utilization of well entrenched Brands to implement the sales process permits Polyorganic Technologies to concentrate entirely on market driven research & development and manufacturing. Conversely it affords our partners the luxury of concentrating on sales, marketing & Brand development. The “Strategic Partner Initiative” expedites the sales cycle by shortening the time frame between product development and commercialization.