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Biologically Enhanced Fertilizers

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Biologically Enhanced Seed Starters

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Polyorganic Technologies custom formulates horticultural products based on crop specific needs. Each organism, plant nutrient and microbial synergist is carefully selected based on its ability to positively impact plant growth and development. Our targeted formularies address the precise biological & nutritional requirement of each crop. Successful greenhouse & nursery management is predicated on stimulating healthy growth, mitigating abiotic stress and shortening the crop cycle. Growing plants under glass or in pots presents a unique set of challenges these challenges must be addressed by properly managing soil biology.


  • Broad Spectrum Microbial Inoculants
  • Mycorrhizal Based Plant Starters
  • Biologically Enhanced Seed Starters
  • Phosphate Solubilizing & Mineralizing Consortia
  • Nitrogen Fixing Consortia
  • Liquid Biologically Enhanced Fertilizers
  • Water Soluble Biologically Enhanced Fertilizers
  • Granular Biologically Enhanced Fertilizers
  • Biologically Enhanced Bio-Stimulants
  • Multifunctional Bio-Stimulants